Today’s world is all about technology. Digitalization era has changed the way we perceive things, and they have been shaping us to modern future. At this day and age, following traditional and conventional strategies for advertising your brand and business may not be so effective. It’s time to finally change your shoes and for better this time! Custom Animated video commercials are in the top of the game of commercializing business brands. They’re trendy, fun to look at, uniquely engaging. Not only that, they also have a whole lot of features that can make your brand stand out, for the better. With customized animated video commercials, you can change the game for your competitors.

In just a few seconds, people can experience true essence of your brand. Here are 8 reasons why custom animated videos will rock your world!

  1. Custom Assets

The main advantage of a custom animated video commercial is all the custom assets that your brand is going to own forever. A quality animation studio will never make your desired animated video using free asset from the internet. Rather, they will make custom character, background, animation, jingles, music etc. aligned with your brand tone which will boost up your brand positioning in the industry easily.

  1.   Your Vision Matters

The main advantage of animated video commercial is that your vision can be transformed into reality. You can choose the scenario or the background any way you like; your creativity will find a way to communicate with your customers. With limitless options in animation, you need not worry about physical limitations.

  1.   It is Cost Effective

Unfortunately, many believe that animation is highly expensive. While, it is not the case! You can make animation videos for your business within a limited budget. You have to keep in mind that real commercials require a whole lot of people: crew, make up, talent, editors and what not! What I am trying to say is, you might be thrilled to evaluate the cost of animation against real life filming!

  1.   Online Visibility

Research says that animated videos increase website’s average visit time from mere 8 seconds to 2 minutes, that means 1500% increase, consecutively meaning your audience will have better engagement with your brand! Animated video commercials also help you gain notoriety over various social media sites like facebook, Instagram, YouTube, which helps in your audience engagement.

  1.   Trust in Your Brand

Animated videos do not just show trailer of your brand, they provide a full story. With animated videos, you can show your audience that you truly know them and your products are more than just some item you sell, they’re something that your customers can, without any doubt, trust upon! This is also one of the reasons why animated video commercials boost conversion rates by 20% on average.

  1.   Stand Out From the Crowd

Using animated brand advertisement immediately makes your business stand out of the crowd, setting you apart from others who advertise through generic means. In addition, you’re also giving first taste of your brand to your audience, not in a boring way, but in a fun way with eye catching and intriguing animations that is relatable with your target group.

  1.   Appealing to Mobile Users

More than 90% of mobile users watch videos on their mobile. Mobile phones have become a necessary gadget for everyone in the modern world. From 2013, mobile videos view has increased above 250%. This means, your audience is growing, and with animated video commercial on their devices, they will feel a sense of connection to your brand.

  1.   Animated Video Commercial Shows Great ROI

Did you know that 83% of business state that animated video commercials provide good return on investment? With the power of storytelling, and intriguing animation, the way your audience perceive your brand will be totally different. The brand will have higher goodwill to its customers and hence, business will be flourishing!

With wide array of benefits all in the favor of your business, custom animated video commercial will help your brand progress in such a way that you can reach your target audience and even gain regular customers along the way. So, what are you waiting for, a customized animated video commercial is an answer to brand advertisement in the digital world. 

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